MEP.Fittingbypointsandcurve - Multiple intersections of 1 duct & Pipe vs walls

I am using Revit 2019, i am trying to place MEP split element like union in duct and pipe in the intersection point between duct or pipe vs walls.

The issue i am facing right now that every time in my project try to do this the element come in lower offset than the MEP element which cause disconnect of the element i dont know the issue with the family or what i tried with new project and it works but in the existing project its always disconnecting the elements.

All elements are in host project there is no linked file.

M_Rectangular Union (Dummy Zoning).0001.rfa (360 KB)test (Duct Split by Zone).dyn (35.5 KB)

Is there any updates or solutions on this

is there someone can reply or give me logic reason for this