Generate between slabs beams and columns

Hello friends.
no way to generate slabs from a point on the screen or detect the beams and columns


This is what i wanted to do also.

I am thinking of using Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel node to create the slab.

The problem is getting the edge of the beam and column and creating a join curve out of it.

Esperemos que se pueda reanudar las consultas

Amigos @danco111 @Rodrigo_Bustos buenas, Just a little observation, the official language of the forum is english, i speak spanish to but is better follow the rules, take a look at those posts i think will gives you some ideas and maybe a solution.

(en serio no lo han resuelto en 6 años? :melting_face: no nos hagan quedar mal a los latinos! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Here are some tips already listed:
1/ You must communicate in English.
2/ Courtesy
3/ Provide elements and avenues of research already worked on
(if you have errors, display at least these)
4/ This is not a place to have turnkey solutions (there are service providers for that)
5/ Here is a possible lead
(not necessarily the most optimized)
see screen

30 octobre forum anglais rep3.dyn (145.5 KB)


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Hello…something here could probably work [sometimes;) :wink:



very elegant as a solution,
the 1st node and the 3rd node come from which package or personal node?
There’s the one by Mr. John P (but I think it’s in development, given the note in the help)


Hi Christian…the first selection node is ootb think it comes with 2022 if i remeber right…the 3rd is from Ampersand…awesome package :wink:


Thanks for the answers Mr. Sovitek :wink:(I’m still under 2020, soon 2022 at work), I’ll take a look at Ampersand.

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Yes great package and some of the oldest there still works and very usefull… many of the nodes its made by ootb/design script,great for learning…PS saw this post was 6 years old ?

Jajajaj …there are guys like me who after 6 years I’m learning dynamo… and if I managed to solve it.
Thanks friends.


Hello Mr Sovitek, is the second node a custom node?, what package apart from ampersand do you use? Greetings.

Hello @miguel.ruizCVMR6 111 if you mean getlocation i think its from genius loci…but you could just use ootb i guess

Thank you very much, its certain the custom node “element location curve” belongs to Genius Loci package, grettings.