Generate Area Boundary by use Room boundary

I was trying to generate a use boundary by use room boundary. However, it give me a null. and it won’t generate area boundary. The note “areas.createbyrooms” are from crumple. I post the script under this note here. see if anyone can help.

post the scrip here.

Hi @elenatt ,
Are you feeding it a AreaPlanView


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yeah as Kai say guess it has to be areaplan view :wink:

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I do have a areaplan view . do you see any other issue? do you mind share your dynamo that works?

i dont have it, just abuild without save…but are you sure the node doesnt create these areas, but dont have any boundery, and just insert in room center

yea, the areas output shows null. and when I insert the area tag, it shows not enclosed.

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yes you need a boundery…think in my exemple i use ootb and wombat for curves, but not sure ootb is in your version

could you highlight what’s ootb and woombat for curves in your script, I am trying to replicate.

ahh area plan is already created…then probably something

Home.dyn (16.6 KB)