Best practices to aid non-dynamo savvy users to use custom packages in dynamo player?

To this wonderful community,

I am attempting to enlighten the end-users with the power of Dynamo Player. I am the only dynamo-savvy-python-person in my office. The issue i’m having is that some of my graphs use custom packages (clockwork, springs, etc…), and the end-user does not have the time to learn how to install custom packages from the package manager.

How can I incorporate custom nodes into my graphs so that the end-user does not have to install each required package?

I am aware that some of the custom nodes are python scripts, which can be copied and quickly remade into a graph, but that doesn’t seem to give the author’s the credit they deserve. Is there a more ethical way to go about this?

I have encouraged them to learn the basics of Dynamo, but I have yet to avail in this effort.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to any suggestions!


I know you can set up a network location for packages, so that anybody using that path will automatically have the relevant packages loaded. I think you’ll still have to manually set the location for the network package directory for each user though. (the Philadelphia Dynamo User Group had a speaker cover this a while back. Check out the video here: )

Perhaps there is some way to run a .bat that would set up this location for each user, but others more knowledgeable than me would have to weigh in on that.


@djhballinger Thank you for the suggestion. I like the idea of the network location; just not having to do it for each individual user.

I’ll check out the video.