Family doesn't find room

Hello to all,
I don’t understand why the Family node doesn’t read me the rooms in which the windows are inserted.
The same script within another project works fine.

Does anyone know how to fix this bug?

Hi @filippo.maria.aquino, did you check the Room Calculation Point direction of your windows families?

Can’t change the direction of the calculation point?

Hello @filippo.maria.aquino ,here is a way without calculation point…

@filippo.maria.aquino yes you can, edit the family, check the Room Calculation Point, flip its direction then reload the window family to the project; Duplicated family types might be required since where one family instance is Ok, the rest are not and vice versa. Happy hunting :slight_smile:

Yes an option :wink: and if you will automate that then try Sparrows nice nodes here…

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