Furniture lines on top of wall section lines plan and section

Hello community!
We have a major problem with the way Revit order elements.
Because furniture is placed after walls obviously, Revit gives priority order to these latest elements placed in the model and therefore furniture lines will sit on top of walls.
We have contacted Autodesk and the solution that they have given to us are:
Print raster
Once furniture is placed then cut and paste walls
Or option 3
Use linework
None of these options are easy to implement
Do you know a better way? Can we in dynamo modify the order somehow these elements have???

Please see image attached.


Hi @BIMadmin

Have you tried a filter that overrides the wall contour with black lines?
I believe a filter gets applied last in graphics with the filter on top of the list as the last in line.


I cannot reproduce the issue on my end. Wouldn’t be enough to just slightly move these objects from the wall (or optionally to delete the unwanted line in the family)?

We don’t want to make our furniture smaller, or move it from the wall so we wouldn’t comply with minimum requirements.
We would like to mask the floor finishes, even with a mask region with invisible boundary we sit on top of the wall section line.
In order to reproduce the issue you need to print to PDF using vector.

I will give it a go.
If it does I owe you a nice Christmas present!!!

Thanks for letting us now that the issue is finally related to floors and PDF export. A screenshot of your work in Dynamo would help to clarify what you need.

The issue is not related to the floors, it is related to hierarchy/order revit uses.
The issue is related to section lines and I dropped the question here to see if there is any procedure using dynamo to modify this order without replacing the walls after the furniture is in place.

Please send a screenshot of your graph so that we can clearly see what you tried and why it does not work. Thanks :slight_smile:
Edit: found this info from a simple Google search:

I once worked at an office which added a instance based visibility parameter for the line of all furniture lines which sit against a wall so we didn’t have this issue - this is kinda the method which @Yna_Db reccomended but allows you to keep the line when the furniture is actually off the wall. Believe it or not this was also done for our CAD stuff too. It was not only effective but allowed us to not have to worry about filters messing with the graphics for other stuff. It did mean we had to adjust an instance parameter for all our beds though which sucked. That parameter could be modified programmatically based on the the distance from the furniture element to the closest wall, ideally with a reduced selection set based on elements in a view.

Swapping the detail lines for model lines 1/2" above the finish floor should also clear this up as the walls would be taller than the furniture.

Ive also worked in an office that held furniture slightly off the walls (I think it was 3/4" but may have been 1") specifically so they knew we met the minimum requirements and then some. This meant we knew that baseboards, trim, and how the beds/sofas/desks were actually built (decorative headboards are the devil) wouldn’t mean we were still compliant if the furniture couldn’t sit directly against the wall. Worth reviewing in most cases, as the baseboard typically means things aren’t in direct contact with the wallboard and accessibility clearances don’t give you any tolerances for such trim and construction coordination in many jurisdictions.

Hi Marcel, does not work I’m afraid but thanks for trying

Jacob, the line is a good idea but difficult to implement.
This is happening as well to casework, plumbing,etc,
having instance parameters on every single element and on the top the sides is very tedious task.

Jacob, the line thing does not work either.
Please see image attached.


Move it away from the wall as in real life there would be 2 lines.


How much, each scale has a different line weight.
That is not a solution.
How about sections?
We have 1:400,1:200:1:100,1:50,1:20 & 1:10
what works for 1:100 does not worf for the other, it is not that simple
I do not understand how Revit behave like this and there is not even a workaround

Hi @BIMadmin

Could you drop here your rvt file here with just wall and bed it will help others to give you clean solution rather than guessing :slight_smile:

Sure, here it isProject1.rvt (2.6 MB)

Which line thing did you try?

For moving things off the wall, 3/4" to 1" worked with any drawing scale where we had furniture on.

I tried putting the same line weight and the black colour of the wall. But the grey sit on top anyway.
O don’t think separating the furniture is an smart solution.
I have an idea using dynamo, these elements are always attached to walls on some places, if I calculate the intersection of the elements in view and drop a detailed line over this intersection will avoid us using linework and should solve the problem.
What do you think? Is this doable???

My thought was to just hide the line with a visibility parameter not to make it match like style.

Intersecting geometry could work. It may require making the lines 3D elements asim not sure how the geometries will interact if one is 2D. Give it a shot and let us know if it works or not. If not it may be faster to make a 3D line for all lines.