Functionality of dynamo script varies within different Revit projects. why?

Hello forum!

I am quite new to dynamo and this is my first time visiting this forum.

I have created a script for dynamo that allows me to renumber my room numbers through a model line - spline.

The script works perfectly fine in my “test project” within revit. However when i try to make good use of my script in a real building project the script does absolutely nothing and i have no idea why.

I wonder if you guys could help me to find the problem in my script!
Since my firm has strict levels of security i cannot upload any of my revit files.

Edit: “new users cannot upload files”

Well even though i cannot provide the dynamo file at the moment, have you ever experienced a similar problem?

Hi :slight_smile:

Your question is too general, a lot of bugs or exception can appear when switching from a example project to a real project. Can you at least upload a screenshot of the part of your graph which is bugging ?

Anyway, to answer your question, of course haha !

I think my account on the forum is on a trial period. since when i try to upload attachments i get this…

“Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”

Ill wait and try to upload the file when the forum allows me! :slight_smile:

Try Google Drive. I think you can still upload screenshots even if you are a new user, probably limited to a screenshot per message.

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