Function loop via CodeBlock



For a Long time i was looking for a way to make this possible:
I had to duplicate many times the same node to make the function “remesh” for a larger amount of times, because it belongs to the MeshToolkit package.

So i didn’t know how to make it run inside python. Anyhow finally figured out a way, so i wanted to share it for those who may have the same problem, and it also works with other functions.

I leave here the code for those interested:

def FuncLoop(eq,func,elem)
return = [Imperative]
list2 = {};
ind = 0;
for (l in 1…eq)
if (ind >=1){
list2[ind] = __Apply(func,list2[ind-1]);
ind = ind + 1;
list2[ind] = __Apply(func,elem);
ind = ind + 1;
return = list2[eq-1];


Exceedingly helpful :+1:t2:


In most cases, you should be able to shorten that a bit:

def fnLoop(fn, x, N){
return = [Imperative]{
for (_ in 1..N)
	x = __Apply(fn, x);
return = x;


Indeed! i am beginner into this, so i did it based on another ‘for’ loop that i found, yours is better and simple, thank you!