Function definition




does any body know how it could be possible to define a function in a code block that gets a variable and return this as a project parameter something like this:

At the moment it’s impossible as you see that the function pps() returns null!!
Thank you!


If you’re not obligated to define functions in DS, check out the Prorubim packages, they have some functionality for this:


but unfortunately I’m reading an excel file. And I noticed as long as the variable you are setting is a number it works perfectly, but in case of a variable between the number and SetVar the variable doesn’t appear in GetVar-List anymore. look at this:



I believe that you haven’t given your function a variable yet. Kinda like a node with no input.
Try changing the second code block to:



Thank you both. I’ll give it a try.


@Dimitar_Venkov Sorry but I just can’t get what you mean. Would you please give me a hint?

Thank you.


I have a similar problem and I tried to give a default value to a parameter of the function.
It works…

but only if the parameter is not a variable.

Is it something not possible or is it a bug?