From Room to placed Elements on Shared-Family-Elements in Curtain-Wall


I cant find anything to this topic, so I create a Revit-File. Its only a quick axample and not a real situation.

I need a Dynamo-Workflow to write the Room-Parameters in Electrix-Fixture-Elements.
I hope my picture help to understand, what I need.

In a “door” for Curtain-Wall is inserted a shared-Family. on this Family-Element i can place another “face-based-Family”.

  • I need to write the Room-Parameter to every Wall
  • Every Wall is counted ( problems with walls between two rooms, but it´s not so often -> manuel?)
  • Every Curtain-Element (door…) need the Value from the Room/Wall-Parameter
  • Every “shared-Family” (generic…) need a count value from Room/Wall-Parameter/Curtain-Element
  • Every placed Family, ( electric…) need a count value from Room/Wall-Parameter/Curtain-Element/Shared- Family

Please help to solve it.
PlacedElem_on_Shared_Family_in_Curtain_Wall_Roomtag.rvt (1.2 MB)