Curtain Wall Built-In Parameter Spacing

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I’ve asked similar questions to this before, but still haven’t been able to figure it out, so I figured I’d try once more.

I’m working on creating a script that allows me to drive curtain wall spacing via Dynamo. The idea is that there would be a nested curtain wall within another curtain wall as a curtain panel, allowing for a high level of customization.

Last week, I figured out how to drive the spacing of the curtain wall and the nested curtain panel via Dynamo, but there’s a problem (one I’ve seen addressed here before): the parameter “Spacing” is the same for both horizontal and vertical spacing, meaning that when you use the SetParameterByName node, you don’t know whether you are writing to horizontal or vertical spacing.

I thought that I could counter this by writing to the built-in parameters. I used Revit DB Lookup to find the built-in parameter names for spacing and tried to write to the element using Konrad’s SetBuiltInParameter node, but that’s not working either (see screenshot).

Any thoughts? Am I writing to the wrong parameter?








Hi Bo,

Those are Revit Builtin parameters and can not be accessed with the default nodes. Try the following from


Thanks for your response Dimitar. The Get Builtin Parameter has been working for me, but I keep getting an error for the Set BuiltIn Parameter (similar to the image I posted in my first post). I’ve attached an image to show the error. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?






Sorry, I missed that. Try adding that 5 into a list. The node expects a list

It worked! Thank you so much Dimitar. You’re a miracle worker. I never would have guessed that it required a list.

Hey guys, I’m having an issue with these nodes regarding the built in parameters for curtain wall that define another type. Any thoughts/help is appreciated. It seems the nodes don’t support get/set for family symbols.


Dynamo Built In Parameter 2


Dynamo Built In Parameter

Hi Josh,

The problem there is that the parameter storage is an element ( the mullion type). The code will need to be revised a bit to work with elements.


Thanks for all your help. Is there any way, that actually works, to control the number of vertical divisions only in a curtain wall?


GP, see the attached image for how to do this. This requires two packages: Dimitar’s “Spring Nodes” and Konrad Sobon’s “Archi-Lab.” The bottom group (green) just takes your element type and changes the family type parameter from “Fixed Distance” to “Number of Divisions.” You can very easily do this manually if preferred. The top part takes your curtain wall element and changes the number of divisions on the wall. Note that the nunber of panels = number of divisions + 1.

Sorry this is not about the topic of curtain wall but

I have a other question about the System Pipe parameter,

some kind of parameter like Start Offset, End Offset and Slope is able to read with the parameter node ,

however i can’t set the parameter because the parameter is read-only.

i’d like to edit the pipe slope by dynamo is still possible?

You can set the XYZ end points of pipes but I have not found a way to set the Slope except through the UI.

So it’s been a while since I revisited this, but after a little digging, it seems that assigning a family type to a parameter now works with these nodes. Thanks Konrad! The only other thing I had to do was make sure to feed the Elements and ParameterValues a list. Worked like a charm, was able to assign mullion types to a curtain wall element type.

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Revit Lookup is very useful, here. Select a Curtain Wall, then Snoop it:

Snoop Parameters for one of the “Spacing”:


And you get the name of the builtin parameter:

You can copy that name to clipboard. Dynamo example:

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