From parameter to get the element

Hi all :slightly_smiling_face:,

I try to get all compartment walls. I entered the parameter and I got all fire rating of compartment walls. But I also wanna know which wall elements have fire ratings.
Does anyone know how to solve it?
Many thanks!

OK so you have a list of parameter’s values.
And you want to have elements with value different than 0/null/none.

What comes to my mind first:

  1. Check the type of values using Object.Type is it a string or integer?
  2. Check the value of empty elements like 85. or 90. is it e.g empty string? “” or: null?
  3. Use node =! or == or String.Contains or any other node that will return boolean (true/false) depending on the criteria.
  4. Once you will have a list of true/false values use FilterByBoolMask, plug bool list and the elements list.


is it clear? unluckily I don’t have access to Dynamo atm.


Can you try this,

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Hi, Marcin
Thanks for your reply!
My point is to get elements from the parameter which is used to get the elements I want. As the picture shown, I have already got all elements with fire ratings. But now, I wanna know what the elements they are and their element ID, etc. Does it make sense now?

Thanks for your reply!
I’m still new to Dynamo, so I’m not familiar with ‘complex’ code block. But from your image, I think I got the idea, List.GroupbyKey. My problem is solved. Thanks!