From Image Pattern too Curve Geometry


It will be awesome, if Dynamo Primer Guys continue the Zero-Touch exercise
Exercise 1 - Edge Detection and show complete workflow by converting the edge on image to real dynamo curve geometry

24 - ZeroTouchImage.dyn (12.3 KB)

Humidity edge from an image

exercise 2 shows how to do just that ?


I don’t think so Andrew
I Explain, Exercise 2 show how to create simple geometry base on dynamo geometry(PointByCoordinates).
What I want is to convert the Edges in that image to curve or surface

I hope that explain .
I See the Exercice 2 more times before I post this article on dynamobim forum.
I hope someone help me with that.

Lines from images

Why not use Illustrator or some online image vectorizer like


As for a dynamo method maybe something like this:

curves from image.dyn (26.5 KB)

Process Images to Split geometry for Color changes

Thank you Viktor
I want that in Dynamo Geometry, because I want the Area of each Pattern.


Or Autodesk Raster Design ?