From Dynamo to Add-Ins

Hi Everybody,

I am a daily user of Dynamo I would like to ask an opened question today.
Do you think a tool that would convert a Dynamo Script into a Revit Add-In might be something possible in the future ?
For example it would have to recognize what function/methods are used in every node, with what kind of object, and then build a C# script automatically :slight_smile:

I am using Dyno Browser to facilitate the UX of my scripts, and it is really great already.

I just thought maybe Add-Ins are more stable… but also less flexible…

What would be your opinion on the subject guys?

Short answer is no. Plus, a well written C# add-in is structured completely differently with entirely different paradigms to a visual/node-based script, so the end result if you did venture down this path would almost always be error-prone spaghetti code anyway. A better use of time would be to simply learn C# and rewrite your scripts as proper Revit add-ins.