From Autodesk.Revit.DB.ViewPlan to Dynamo element

Hi all,

I’ve used the node to set my bbox in to some views but the output is a Autodesk.Revit.DB.ViewPlan.
How can I bring it back to elements?

Try flatten the list. Alternatively try node from MEPover package.


Thanks Alexander.

Ive fixed it this way:

I’ll implement a fix in Rhythm. Hadn’t even realized I was returning the internal element type. Oops. :blush:

Haha no problem :slight_smile:

Can the nodes discussed in this post be used to copy boundary curves from views of a linked model?

I liken what I’m trying to accomplish to the way an MEP project would have been set up in AutoCAD, prior to the days of Revit. Essentially, the architects would have created the sheets with overall plan views and additional sheets with enlarged views on them. An MEP designer would generally copy the architects sheets, along with the reference files (Xref). Much of the content would then be deleted, allowing just the Xref to remain as the starting backgrounds for the MEP designs.

From what I understand, the views have to be recreated in Revit, in which I believe I’d have to get the crop boundary and associated level of each linked view I want to recreate and apply it to a new view.



Are there nodes or a combination of nodes that can accomplish what I’ve outlined above?