Copy Areas and Area Boundaries from linked model

I’m trying to copy Areas and Area Boundaries from linked model but i got an error at the end of process:
“Attempted an invalid element rotate, mirror, or move.”
areas copied as unclosed and boundaries not copied .
Any Idea why that?

Think you need elements from link

thank u ,
i tried this but i still got error:

Strange work for me, are you sure your boundary are closed…

Hello @Rina.g
your script is trying to copy Areas before the zone boundary lines, try using the Passthrough node of “Clockwork package” to ordering your operations

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Hi ,
thanks i try this but still got the error:


Have you thought about the fact that you’re copying View-dependant elements to a new file without giving it a target view? (Also, Area’s are Area-Type specific, are the same Types present in the target file)

Dynamo is great is for the most part you still have to obey the Revit laws.


Some time ago I had to do the same thing. I ended up copying views first and then the areas as well. I had to a custom Python node to accomplish the task.
Consider the following:
To copy view specific elements, you have to specify destination views as @Bjorn_Keulemans1 has mentioned.
To copy the views, you need to have the levels with the same names as in the linked file.
Dependent views cannot be copied.