Free form glass roof

Hi All,
I am a new Dynamo user. I start to use it to model this type of steel and glass roof.

My goals are: have a more fluid surface than the one in the picture; pull the analytical model in revit.
I start from a simple one, with one dome and one brace. I have tried this approach:
Create the vault by loft and the dome by revolve;

Then I’ve intersect the surfaces with plans.

So I’ve create arcs by three points, chose point at the base, and filter the second point by the height. Then loft surface by the arcs.

To have the panels (and the lines for the analytical model) i have tried three approches. The first creating an Adaptive Component using the lunchbox panel diamod node, but I haven’t analytical model. Next I try with the Mesh, but te result is a free pattern. And the third way is to use a wire grid. The last one is the best for the analytical model but less for the panels.

The bigger problem is when I try to create a more complex geometry. I create pieces an than join it in a POLYSURFACE (for example with a mirrored surface), and all the approches doesn’t function… (also with Vikram_Subbaiah’s SurfaceSubDivision)
Does anyone have any feedback/advice on how to approach this? Help me…

(Sorry for my bad english… I’m also a new english user…)

The surface is:

And the elements are

in Revit

@GF-iDeas Not sure I understand. All components of a polysurface aren’t being considered, is that the issue?

Hi, thank you for the reply.

To create a complex surface I want crete many simple surfaces and join them in a polysurface (for example a dome with two braces, mirroed the dome with one brace).

But all the all the approches doesn’t function (also your “SurfaceSubDivision” Code node) as explained in the picture.

I just want create a diagrid on a complex polysurface.

Thanks again for helping me out.