FormaElement.get_Footprint operation Failed

Does anyone know why I am getting the error below?


I am using Dynamo Sandbox 2.19.3 and have the same problem with 2.18.1. This is using Forma Package 1.6.0.

I also see the below error when starting Dynamo Sandbox:

It seems the problem has nothing to do with Forma but all versions of sandbox pre 3.0. The 3.0 version seems fine but is not supported by Forma…

Looks like my Revit Dynamo Works though, so I will continue with that until 3.0 is supported.

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@SteveDFT it looks like you have Revit 2025 installed but are trying to use DynamoForma 1.6.0 with Dynamo 2.19.3, is that correct? If so, we’ll be soon publishing a new DynamoForma package that’s compatible with Dynamo 3.0/Revit 2025 so stay tuned.

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If you want to get it working right away and have access to Revit 2024, installing it should resolve the issue :crossed_fingers:

Thanks havardh, I have it working in 2024 Revit. Something is up with Sandbox running on my machine pre 3.0 though.

Excellent !

I’m out of my depth if installing Revit 2024 didn’t resolve the Sandbox issue. There is a GeomtryPath option that you can try to set, but I’m not sure where too. :slight_smile: maybe @Aparajit_Pratap can provide further guidance.

@SteveDFT what kind of issues are you seeing running Dynamo sandbox (< 3.0)?

Hi Aparajit,

I get the same errors as my original post, both start up and node. See image below where the error even occurs for a simple point.

Please confirm if I have this right. You have the following installed:

  • Revit 2025 + Dynamo 3.0
  • Revit 2024
  • DynamoSandbox 2.19.3 and 2.18.1 => these should ideally work with Revit 2024 installed

It looks like you have other Autodesk products installed (such as 3ds Max) that are potentially causing these issues. Can you confirm what other Autodesk products you have installed on your machine?

That’s correct, and all of this:

Screenshot 2024-06-11 084637

That’s a LOT of installations! Dynamo loads ASM (Autodesk’s geometry kernel) by searching the registry for ASM installations (most Autodesk products) and matching ASM versions to the Dynamo geometry library. This logic is complex and therefore not 100% reliable, especially with so many products and I suspect it’s this search logic that’s failing to load ASM from Revit 2024 in this case. We would need to investigate this but it isn’t easy to do since we need to replicate a machine with the right product installations such as on yours.
For the time being I would request you to try running Dynamo sandbox (2.18.1 or 2.19.3) by pointing it to the ASM located in Revit 2024 using the following command line option:
DynamoSandbox.exe --GeometryPath="your/Revit 2024/install directory"

That works. Thanks Aparajit

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