FloorPlan.ByRoom node missing

Hi everyone,

I feel like I am going mad but for some reason i cannot find this node within Revit 2019. I know it exists (or existed?) as there is a post here :

I have installed the latest version of Archilab and the version listed within this post. However the FloorPlan.ByRoom node is not there.

I have uninstalled all other packages and again, installed the latest and then the one within the above post. Still no node.

However i can find this node within Revit 2020.

Am i missing something? Any ideas why its not showing up?

Thanks in advance.


maybe reinstall archilab @Shatner



hi Andreas,

thanks for the response, guessing your image is from Revit 2019 so I am indeed going mad.

When you say “reinstall archilab” is that different to what I stated above about uninstalling and reinstalling of the package?

Here is what i get when i search for floor plan within Dynamo. This is with a new install of Archi-Lab.net package done this morning.


DOes the version of Archi-lab you have installed have a number ending with 19? If not you’ve installed the wrong version; Uninstall it and grab a new version ending with 19. :slight_smile:

hi Jacob,

The versions I have tried are:

2023.213.1523 (25 April 2022)

2019.2.27 (27th July 2019)
2019.2.26 (6th June 2019)

The package states Revit 2019 is Dynamo 2.0.3 whereas my Dynamo version is which the ‘About’ window is stating is up to date…

So maybe thats the issue? on the “Builds” section it has -

2019-06-13T19:56:52.000Z 222367280 [DynamoInstall2.0.3.exe]

So maybe all i need to do is send IT a message ask for my Revit version to be updated?

Edited to remove hyperlink embedded from Dynamo Builds page (wanted to save someone from accidentally starting that download)

You’ll need to install 2.0.3 from Dynamobuilds.com. That should clear that bit up.

The ArchiLab version should end with a 19, so keep checking.

Lastly a reminder that you are using an unsupported Revit build, and upgrading to 2020 or newer is advisable.

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Hi Jacob,

I tried to inform the design team that working on Revit 2019 is not advisable. However I got told that “the BEP says Revit 2019”, which was their only reason to not update. Corporations are funny like that.

Which is why I am looking to get some of the scripts I use working in Revit 2019. sigh. I should have said I did not access to Revit 2019, I could have just sent them IFC files. Pretty sure that would motivated them to update.

Thanks for the help.


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