FloorPlan.ByRoom node giving error

Can anyone tell me why this node produces this error the first time i run it ? It creates the plans but outputs an error message which causes problems as I want to feed the output plan views into further nodes.

Weirdly, if i then change the offset straight away and hit run again it then works (it doesn’t matter what the initial value is set to , it doesn’t run right first time

That is a node from archilab, not from who you mentioned previously. If they are claiming it as their node, that isn’t cool.

I tested and am getting the same results on my end. Disconnect and reconnect allows it to run though.

Here are the results on first run:

Yeah the trouble is i want the graph to then put those views onto a sheet along with some elevations so doing that causes the other nodes downstream to mess up

Sorry my mistake - it is an archilab node - I was confusing it with the elevation by room node

Anyhow - any ideas how to fix it ?

This was fixed in this release of archi-lab: 2019.2.5 and up.

@Konrad_K_Sobon Hi Konrad. Trying to fix this node for dynamo 1.3.4. Is it possible? Cant seem to install a version of your package that has the fix.