Traceback error with FloorPlan.ByRoom with Linked Model?

I’m trying to generate floor plans of rooms from linked models, using an Excel sheet to choose which rooms I need. However, the FloorPlan.ByRoom node is coming back with this error:

Exception: The ElementId levelId does not correspond to a level.
Parameter name: levelId

as well as:

AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘Min’

I suspect it may be arising due to working with linked files?

Any help would be appreciated!

Your correct that it is failing because your using a link. The plan node tries to get the level of the room IN the current document. You would need to modify the custom node or use Python. Even then you’d need to get the local level probably by name of linked level assuming they are the same. You could also simplify it some and do it level by level as a constant.

Thanks for the clarification. That’s probably above my skill level at the moment, but good to know where to start focusing on next. Cheers!

Hi Andy, I’ve come up against the same issue and amending the python is beyond my current skillset (although I’ll give it a go). Did you manage to generate plans from rooms within a linked model some other way? Any help much appreciated!

Unfortunately no luck