FloorPlan.ByRoom levelId error

I’m feeding this node with room Id’s but I’m getting this error

Exception: The elementId levelId does not correspond to a level. Parameter name: levelId

So I’m getting room ID’s from a linked document. is the problem to do with those levelId’s coming from the linked document not corresponding to this document LevelId’s?

Edit: Further reaserch seems to suggest that using linked files can be tricky. Sadly i have no choice. Id there an obvious workaround? I’ll upload the file.

I’ve also notice on Line 96 of the FloorPlan.ByRoom node that it refers to ViewName which I’ve read in the archi-labs website is no longer supported and is now just Name. But I don’t think that’s the case. Anyway changing ViewName to Name in the code doesn’t make a difference.

ROOMS - Create Elevations, RCPs and Plans from Linked File by Department_D2.3NM.dyn (149.6 KB)