Floor doesn't have points

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Hi guys,
I am using this script to extract points from excel and create floors from them , the script is drawing floors in Revit , yet if you notice when I want to extract the floor points I am unable to do such a thing I don’t know what am I doing wrong , I get an empty list for slab points ,

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@ahmadkhalaf7892 ,

i had also start problems finaly it worked

Hi Andreas,
I didn’t get exactly how did you solve it ?

@ahmadkhalaf7892 ,

check during running the script there is no other progress running in Revit.
i used a loadbearing slab(floor)

By that you mean I should remove my script from automatic to manual ?

@ahmadkhalaf7892 ,

just check that you have nothing selected or open a workspace

The above script is being used to create separate Floors, I have to run the script so that I can edit the floors, so basically my flors are created from the above script, Unfortunately I cannot do that , Is there any other way?
Thanks a lot