Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel node issue

This node is telling me “Warning:Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel operation failed.
The multiplicities of other interior knots must be at most degree - 2.
Parameter name: knots”
I saw this issue several times but I still don’t understand the meaning and what I have to do!
What is the tips to solve that please?:wink:
Thank you very much!!
[ByOutlineTypeAndLevel%20node%20is180912rhino rhynamo dynamo version 1…dyn (29.4 KB)

Hi @miathou,

I usually resolve this kind of error like this :


I approximate the nurbscurve of Degree 3 in Degree 2.
Hope that makes sense.

Thank you Alban!:blush:
First question : how do you think I could I integrate this part in “my script”?
Second question : Don’t you think that this issue is in the link with the “Level.ByElevation” node because when I disconnect this two nodes and run the “Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel” node is not yello?
thank you for your feedback!:wink:

You can add this part after the node Geometry.IntersectAll.

There are maybe other errors so I don’t know if your graph will work after that.

A priori, the error with the knots at degree - 2 should disappear.
Let me know if it works.

But in a code block you don’t have an input you just have an output that’s why I Told you that! hihhi::sweat_smile:

So the solution could be to make an approximation of the nurbscurves.
My previous proposal works can’t work on closed nurbscurve.

See this topic :

Hi Everybody,
I would like to try again this script for an other shape but il doesn’t work.:sweat:
Could you help me?
Tahnk you very much!:wink:
The first node issue it the List.FirstItem : operation failed, index was off limit It can’t be negative and must be lower than the size of the collection

EMI creation floors and walls from polycurves.dyn (24.5 KB)
façade.3dm (555.4 KB)


Could you please show the input of the List.First item node ? Is it an empty list ? If so, you are quering the first item of an empty list, which does not exist.


Take a look!:wink:

Absolutly it’s a empty list!

Then the problem is prior to List.FirstItem. Unfortunately I know nothing about Rhino and Dynamo :frowning:

But It still works for my first shape!
So… I don’t understand!:sweat_smile: