Floor Annotation Tag problem

Hi, I’ve been trying to tag floors but i cannot get below code to work. Im not sure what i miss here?

@interactiverendering, this is probably because “Floor” is a system family, and FamilyInstance.Location won’t recognize it. You can convert your floors to geometry via Element.Geometry and get their center point by Solid.Centroid.
Maybe there is a more elegant solution, but this is the first one that came to mind :slight_smile:

Hi @interactiverendering

I would suggest you go through the Basics/Functions of each node. Below are some learning resources which would get you started.


@zhukoven hi this is the result i’m getting at the moment, i think it’s now getting my desired location but it’s no tagging hmmmn

thanks @Kulkul i just satarted using dynamo thanks for the link that would help a lot for sure