Flipping a single Adaptive Component

I built a great workflow creating adaptive components from a xyz point system coming from rhino. Problem is I have one annoying component that will just not face the right direction. I spent a lot of time getting all the rest right but this one is being cranky.

Is there any way to flip an adaptive component by selecting it, or by assigning it some way in dynamo?


Hi, Sure you can do something fancy in dynamo as well, but don’t you see a tick box in the properties box when selecting the adaptive component?

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I think there is a way to check the the orientation of a family in clockwork or rhythm. Not sure which. It is also possible with the APi to test the “facing orientation” and “handed orientation” so you could probably write in Python. You can then use those vectors to find the naughty family and use the set parameter by name (“flip”) and toggle the checkbox.

Try the following steps…

  1. Select the unruly component
  2. Use AdaptiveComponent.Locations to get the adaptive point locations
  3. Reorder the points as required
  4. Create a new component with the reordered list using AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints
  5. Delete the unruly component
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