Flip Control doors and windows

is there a node that can be used to determine the flip position of doors or windows?, the final idea is to add a parameter which shows which doors open to the right and which to the left.

i know there is an app out there that do this but its 25 bucks so sounds like dynamo could do something very similar.

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Hi @Ricardo_Zepeda
The orientation of the door can be compared to the orientation of it’s host for example.
This topic might help you :

I used the “Get Element Position Rotate Mirror” from the Bakery Package for about exactly what you are trying to do. Works perfectly.

Can not upload anything yet (just registered) but you can download an example from my site www.deurloo.net/revit


Thanks for the answer guys!! didnt know Konrad had that nodes!! Thanks Andreas and 10 dollars to Konrad Mandrill campaign!


Worked like a charm thank you so much