Flatten curves in the List

Hey all,

i read some Topics here but couldn’t find exactly what i need. In the Picture you can see that the Room.FinishBoundary give me 2 lists. 1 with 4 curves and 1 with 5 curves. How can i fix that?

This is likely because of how they were modeled in Revit. I would join them into a polycurve and flatten the list as you did, though if you want only sets of four you can go back to Revit and adjust the source modeling. Check the geometry of the curves in Revit one by one by disabling all other geometry previews and reviewing each of the five items in the list.

Okay i will try this. Because what i want is, Get an floor in the room and the area in the door aswell. If you know what i mean.

There are several good examples of this on the forum already - perhaps start there?

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