Join curves with spring.curveloop.simlify


I would like to join my curves for each room on a floor plan. You can see the walls as surfaces in the image below. I want the room to consist of 4 walls, not 12… The list in Geometry.Explode shows the curve that I use to create the walls. I want 4 curves in sublist 2 for example. I tried springs.curveloop.simplyfy but the result is just empty lists. I tried to use the first sublist,flattened it and used it as input for curveloop, but it did not work either. Any ideas?

Try running CurveLoop.Simplify on just that sublist of curves. I would also copy and paste the contents of CurveLoop.Simplify into your graph so you can see what (if any) errors you’re getting.

This is the resutl when I do it for the first sublist in my list of curves…

I’m not sure how you got your curves or your walls but it could be that they don’t form a closed loop or that certain walls extend beyond the bounds of a closed loop. It would be easier to troubleshoot if you turned off all node previews except for the list of curves you’re trying to simplify, and again paste the CurveLoop.Simplify contents into the main graph so we can see any errors.

Hi @sofmal

Could you show complete screenshot of your graph if you want others to help you or else drop the relevant files here.

I’ve met similar challenges and, as I recall, the issue is, in part, that you can’t assume the curves are in order, which I believe is what’s needed. There are a few other issues I ran into though I don’t remember the specifics. When I get a chance, I’ll upload my solution.