First row in excel must be filled?


When i was trying to run this script i figured that it only works when the first row (which it reads from the excel file) is filled.
If i don’t do that… The whole script will not work.
Is there a way to make sure this script will work all the time?
The problem focusses on the blue (on the top) area.

Hi @jesse.heijtink

Screenshot is not clear. Drop here dyn and excel file here it will others who is trying to help you.

I’m able to read an excel file without data in the first row. It’s likely something else.
Like KulKul said, a better image would be helpful. Zoom in until the nodes in your graph are legible then use the screenshot button in the top right corner of the Dynamo window.

Without any clue about the nodes, I think that your nodes, pas the Read From Excel one, fail because of the fact that a node will generally fail if the first data it receives is a null.

Sorry But i get the message that i cannot upload the Dyn File, because i am a new user. and i can only post 1 image at the time… so this will be 3 posts.
What i did is, I split the two parts. In my first message you can see how they belong together.
I also added a Excel image of what i am trying to put in the space parameters. So if i do not fill in “1” “2” “3” “4” “5” in the first row, I won’t get any result. If i do fill them in… I get Dynamo will fill all the spaces and do exactly what i asked for. My question is, how can i count on Dynamo filling in the right codes/numbers into the space parameter without prefilling the first row? I hope everything is readable now, let me know if you have any questions.