First node - almost there


So it’s my first attempt at creating a script.

My goal is to a) duplicate a set of filtered views, b) rename the views as created by changing block name from 1A to 1B, c) when a & b are successful, I wanted to assign view template and scope box.

The image shows my attempt at a & b, but falling at the last hurdle. I can mange to filter the views, replace the string to 1B but the clockwork View.Duplicate seems to the be the failing point.

Can anyone please advise ?


I think you are feeding strings into the FilterByBoolMask node instead of views. Can you show the rest of the graph?

I think I can see what you mean as the clockwork node converts views to a list. Full graph:

Maybe it will work this way:


That worked perfectly, thanks.

I have added some extra bits like remove crop region and assign view folder, but I am lastly failing on the assign scope box to the new views.

Another screen shot below, it is just the setting of the parameter that doesn’t work.

@darrenpedder Scope Box parameter storage type is “ElementId” you need to connect scope box elements to it.

Thanks - I think I follow you, but it is still not working. I have tried to amend as below. It says “No parameter found by that name”.

@darrenpedder Currently your connecting strings as value. You need to connect elements list.

Thanks Kulkul.

Almost works now as intended. It creates and names views as I want and it assign the scope box as I want, but for some reason the assign scope box SetParameter node reduces the element list down to one (see below).

Can you advise why ?

@darrenpedder Right click SetParameter node change Lacing to Longest.

Bang on - thanks so much