First Dynamo Package Node

So I created my first node! Not entirely sure if it doubles up on functionality of others (Apologies if so), but I had to get the ball rolling somehow.

It’s under package “Atmos” and the first node is called “XY Frame Extents” - I’ve done testing and it appears to be robust.

You simply feed a Select Model Elements node into it and it will give you the frame extents of your selection as a rectangle, the corner points and mid points.

Hopefully this is useful to people - and any improvement suggestions would be more than welcome.


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This is great stuff man! The awesome part is, it gives you results without a bunch of other nodes.

Thanks John :slight_smile:

I agree, Out-Of-The-Box is best where possible. Python is funky too (And I bet I can make it a whole bunch more efficient) but I’ve not learnt that yet!