Finding referenced element within spaces?

Hi All,

I’m trying to calculate the number of doors, windows and columns in a space for MEP calculation. The problem is they are all in separate files: Archi, structure and MEP. It makes the script design not as obvious. Is there any good hint or ideas to approach this scenario?

OK, I kind of find out a way for columns.

This is just a geometry clash. Although I’m hopeful to find a more parametric approach. Like we can find a column’s location in IFC, why can’t it accessible in Dynamo?

If the model you are working with has the files linked it should be no problem to do the following:

From this you get all windows in each space.

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Hello, Arbazhamyun.

Im trying to find a way to find Elements in space, and im seeing you got a node there that are doing exactly what i try to find. from which package is that node: “Elements in space” from ?