How to get Elements are not in Space

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I’m trying to get Element location from Space. but the thing is space are created up to ceiling, I want to collect the above ceiling Elements location also as shown in image.

There is one node available “Elements in Spaces” from Archilab. but this node will work only if Elements are inside spaces it will detect.

Is there any way to get the above ceiling Elements location. kindly help me

Thanks… :slight_smile:

Hello @r.rajaRBHA5 …try to find the component location point and -z translate that point into space…and intesect with the node “is point in space”


Here’s a quick mock up of what Sovitek might be talking about. I’m grabbing the limit offset of the space, not sure if you’re using a top offset or level. It would need a little more effort if you’re doing it by level but you could get the same result. So, take the limit offset subtract a tolerance to make sure it’s in the space then translate the element’s location point, not the element and scan if that point is in the space.

Here’s what it looks like in Revit.

Hope this helps!


yes thats what i mean …great explain btw;)

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Cheers! :+1:

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