Finding clash point between polyline and AutoCAD Entities

Hi All,
I have a polyline that runs over more than one Autocad elements, I need to know the polyline clash points for each of the element via dynamo. Can anyone please help me on the same how can I do in Dynamo?
Please see the attachment for hand sketch.


See this , it may help you

Hi @ansarimdnazir,

In general, the approach would be to get the geometry of all of the elements and then use the Geometry.Intersect node to find the intersection points. However, the process for initially getting the geometry into Dynamo depends on what types of elements you are working with. What all do you have?

Please- For better understanding,
and maybe get further help,
upload such sample.dwg

I feel like this might be useful as a reference: Help

Jacob - FYI that link is for ObjectARX (C++) and not the .NET API (C#, VB). So the correct place to reference would be here when dealing with Dynamo.

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Ah, that’s what I get for posting the first ‘intersects AutoCAD api’ search result I could find. Thanks for the correction!