Find Wall Foundation locations

Basically I’m trying to find a better way of grabbing the center location of the Wall Foundations.

I’m trying to find the center of the Wall Foundations in a project so I can test to see if they fall within a Fill Region. I’ve been using Clockworks Element.Location to collect Footers (working great!) but the Wall Foundation objects are not working the same way. My solution is to grab a face for the Wall Foundations find the center of that face and test the Geometry DoesIntersect. The problem I’m running into is some of my center points are hit and miss - some are and some are not falling within the test regions (see second Revit image below).


Here’s an example of the work-around I’m using so far.

Example region:

Grab centroid of foundation solid maybe?

Hey John, I get the same results with solids.

wallFoundationsSolids.dyn (23.4 KB)

Hmm, and just so I understand. You’re trying to select foundations below a view by drawing a masking/filled region?

I think getting the center point of the location curve is a better method for this.


Revit Preview:

Walls Way below my filled region:

Hey John,
I think I can get your solution to work! What’s interesting is that the “Wall Foundation” elements are attached to the wall curves. It seems like I need to pull the wall curves in order to get to the wall foundations? My original thinking was to pull the wall foundation elements directly but I couldn’t find a way to access the wall curves via the footers. It seemed like a easy solution at first.
Thanks! :slight_smile: