Find the floor side that is not attached to the wall

Suppose there is a model whose floor has some parts that are not attached to the wall.
Is it possible to find the floor side that is not attached to the wall like the red part in image?

Hi Sean,
This will solve the code problem.

NonIntersect_Wall-Floor.dyn (98.8 KB)

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I use this model to run the program but the results are not as expected
test.rvt (3.5 MB)

Hi Sean,
I’ve overlooked a point. I think this code will work.

NonIntersect_Wall-Floor.dyn (105.8 KB)

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Can run, thank you very much
I want to ask you a few questions.

In this part
Why do you need to take the curve to the center point and reverse vector?
and Why line length is 40?

Why would you need List.Chop before Geometry.DoesIntersect?

Hi, Sean,
The solution I found is:
1-Turn the walls and the floor to the line.
2-Find the midpoint of the lines and extend the length of the vector to “x”.
3-Do the intersect test and filter the results.(I set it as "40cm)

1-Code can do what you want on this was just my idea.
2-When you reach the solution, click the “Solution” button below the user comments.

Kind regards.

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Thank you very much