Modelline in the family doesn't collide with other geometry

Hi everyone,

Hope you guys have a good start to the week. Here is my question. I have a wall opening and in the wall opening I have two model lines (to be able to see the wall opening on a plan) inside the opening.

These lines have as direction values both minus values. I thought one of them should be positive. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Only solids can intersect?
i’m not sure

I needed a vector Z component. Sorry.

Lines can be intersected.

I think it doesn’t matter if your values are both negativ. You can reverse any vector.

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Yes. But I don’t want to reverse it. I need it as it is, namely to determine which line is going top or bot.

can you upload your rvt and dyn?

Unfortunately I can’t. Maybe after I talked to my boss. But thats a maybe. Still solved it. Now I have more problems related to measuring distance between the rough floor below and the underside of the rough floor above. I am sick of the sight of lists.