Find shared coordinates of origin

Hello everybody
I have a problem where I need to get the shared coordinates of origin.
I have a list of points in shared coordinates, where I would like to place an element. But when I use the node family instance by point, it places the instances according to relative coordinates. Therefore I need to get the shared coordinates of the origin, so I can transform the coordinates on my list from shared to relatives.
Any good ideas? I can’t seem to find a node that gives me the coordinates in the same way as I can retrieve the project base point and the survey point.

\ Daniel

Hello! Would you mind adding a screenshot of your work to your request, it will help to quickly see what the issue is about (Use Dropbox or similar if you can’t attach files yet). Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes sure. I won’t have acces to it before Tuesday, but will do it straight away there :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Daniel_N

Maybe this new package can help…


I found a workaround which seems to work as intended. Thanks for your replies