Find point at distance from another point

Hi all.

My project is to delete Curtain grid segments according to some mullions.
Centerpoint Grid and mullions are not 100% the same. Maybe +/- 100mm.

How can I match this upp.

I want to find point from a max distance from another point:

Red square is 100mm from P1.
Check if P2-P6 is insite the square.

So fare i’m thinking:

if a.X(+/-100mm) == b.Z ?
if a.Y(+/-100mm) == b.Z ?
if a.Z(+/-100mm) == b.Z ? : false;

I’m woking on this, but it will not give the resultat i want.



Have a look at my solution in the attached screenshot:

I test the absolute values of the difference between the coordinates, instead of checking both the negative and positive difference. Also, by chaining all the coordinates after another with AND (&&) operators in between the final result is true if all the differences in the coordinate values are below the provided length (len).

Does this solve your problem?

Good luck!


Math.Abs(a.X - b.X) < len && Math.Abs(a.Y - b.Y) < len && Math.Abs(a.Z - b.Z) < len ? true : false;

Thank you very much tothom.

That was it.