Find distance door to wall?

I like to find the distance from the walls to the door blade. As you can see I only get the distance to one of the walls. Is there a way I can get both? Or even better, get only the shortest length?

The requirment says that we need minimum 300 mm from doorblade to wall. So this is what I’m trying to find out and schedule.

Set the “Auto” Lacing to Cross Product and it should give you the others.

Thank you Sean!

I now get four lenghts from each door north/south and east/vest, but the order of the numbers change for each list. As you can see the zero jumps down a notch for each list. Could it be possible to say that I only want the for “east/vest” direction to then sort out the biggest number? Or could someone point me in a different direction perhaps?

Yes, because you are checking against the list of walls so the “0” will change in relation to which wall is in the list that is at that location.

If you only want E/W then you’ll need to filter out those walls in the N/S direction.