Replace space with underscore in sheet naming


Is there a way to replace space between text with an underscore in the sheet name (Project Browser) for all sheets?
Rather than manually doing this for hundreds of sheets?

Did you try searching the forums for any previous posts on this? What have you tried doing in Dynamo? Can you share what you have done?

Yes, you could use a Sheet category node, all elements of Category, get parameter value of Sheet Number, then String.Replace, and finally a set parameter value node.

Try that approach and then post back here with progress if you get stuck.

Thank you both for the fast response,

this is the progress i have made so far:

  1. Categories node - Set to sheets
  2. All Elements of Category node
  3. Element.GetParameterValueByName
  4. String.Replace
  5. Element.SetParameterValueByName

Very helpful, thank you for your time!

However, I have hit another roadblock.

The final node, the warning reads:

*Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed. *
No parameter found by that name.

  1. Don’t use a second All Elements Of Category, just string the first one to the last node.

  2. Are you getting Name Values from the node before it. Can you show an image with all previews visible?

Hi @c11431892
The parameter is “Sheet Name” not “Name”.