Filtering Structural Bracing from Structural Framing


I am looking for a way to filter Structural Framing: Brace from Structural Framing: Beam.

My only thought, so far, has been to use the Structural Usage parameter but both normal framing and bracing can be set to “Other” so this is not an adequate means of filtering.

Does anyone know of a better way to filter out bracing?

EDIT: I just noticed that bracing seems to have Start Attachment Elevation while beams have Start Level Offset. I am going to see if I can use this to filter bracing out appropriately.

It appears that filtering out framing members that do not have Stick Symbol Location values will return Vertical Bracing members correctly. I am still open to other ways to do it but, for now, this solves my issue.

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Do they have differing categories?

Within Revit, no. They are both considered Structural Framing.

I have beams in my project that has Stick Symbol Location values.