Structural Framing at grids (by selection)

Hello, I have a problem with a filter by bool mask, I am trying to select grids, and filter out the curtain wall grids, in order to place structural columns at grid intersections… however, somehow, the filter by bool mask is not filtering every curtain grids… just some of them… and I do not know why… I attach a screen cap of the graph, the expanded node is the filter, that list you see is the “OUT” section if anyone requests I can upload the graph itself… thanks in advance

Why not use a categories node and compare that directly to the element category instead of all the string conversions? Also, what does the first errors say so we can better understand what if causing the issue.

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Hi @SeanP, thanks for the reply, I had bad experiences using drop-down options inside dynamo, as this routine is made for non dynamo users via dynamo player, I prefer this way, string and category by name nodes, the error I don’t remember now, but as soon as I get home I will check it and tell you, but most likely is that such node is trying to convert grids to curves and some of the inputs are not grids, and that is the main issue, thank you!

Hi @SeanP , just tried the graph at home (with a different project) and it works just fine, tomorrow, at the office, I will check with the same project, revit version (here: 2020, at the office: 2019) and dynamo version (here 2.1, at the office: 2.0.3), thank you

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Hi @LievX

Could you switch on preview bubbles for all the nodes and share.