Filter Elements by Structural Material

Hi all,

I have put together a definition that allows me to set the Workset for different elements in my Revit model.

I would like to be ably to filter my elements by “Structural Material” however, for some reason I cannot filter my elements using this parameter. As you can see on the image, currently I am having to choose a category and the only problem with that is that under structural framing for example, you can have steel, concrete or timbre beams thus you may not want assign lets say, steel Workset to all structural framing elements.

any suggestions?

Many thanks

Hi Renzoj

One of the possible way to filter elements by structural material is to use “GroupByFucntion” along with “GetParamater” node:

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Many thanks for your answer. This was just what I was looking for!

I have managed to complete my definition now.

Again thank you very much!

Hi, just a little footnote here if it can help, using dictionaries:


Very nice!

I created a similar one! :slight_smile: the only thing I’d say is that if you filter by structural material, you need to make all your elements have the right “structural material” assigned. I know that some are set “by category” which is annoying!