Need help


Hi all, i’ want to know hot to get parameter + filter and then set parameter for families.

Exp: I have beams with these Mark B01, B02, B03…

I want to get parameter of beams with Mark B02, and then set it to B02a. It’s easy in Revit, but i’m learning dynamo.

Plz help me :slight_smile:

Hello Tran,

This will get you started. It doesn’t yet contain the filtering, but start playing with ‘Filter.ByBooleanMask’ and do a bit of a search on the forums for examples.








See attached Image

Beam Filtering

thanks all, very clear and usefull, where i can find the way to use all of node in dynamo??

What do you mean by ‘Use all of node in Dynamo’ :slight_smile: ?

Do you mean learn how to use each node and what it does? This forum is great for that as there are some very helpful people. But it’s more of a trial and error type of thing.

If you mean find new nodes, there are a lot downloaded through the ‘Package Manager’ (Custom nodes) created by users of this forum generally.

Sol is correct, Dynamo is a “learn by doing” sort of tool. There are some helpful blog posts out there though that show the basics of how each node works for some of the basics.

Tks all. I have a problem with my dynamo node.

  1. I don’t know how to sort&list for red box on image i attached.

  2. Can it make two list for parameter “Text Line 1” ? I want to set parameter for “Text Line 1” by replace list 1 from list 2.


Try using a formula node instead of ==. I’ve not had much success with that

Formula: a==b


May i can make a list for red box on image which i attached ?? There are so many elements with the same contain. I want to sort them with the unique items.