Check List of Solid Self Intersecting

Hello everyone,

I am having a list of nearly thousands solid geometries in Dynamo. I want to check if any of these solid overlapping others in the list itself. Does anyone have any clue about this? Thank you so much in advance for helping

Try elements.intersect from Bimorph package. Dynamo won’t handle thouthands of solids in reasonable time.

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Thank you, I tried the node from Bimorph and set lacing as crossing. But the results came out as even in case two elements touching, but not overlapping.
I just want to check clashing like in Naviswork but just because these solid geometries are in family, so I cannot export NWC to do that

You don’t need to do it, if two flat lists goes as inputs.
Also look into and test Element.IntersectsSolid. At last, you can prepare smaller solids, so you’ll get right result. And it’ll be calculated 100x faster than standard intersection check.

And with standard node, set CrossProduct: