Filter coinciding geometry


I have recently began to use Dynamo and I think it’s great. I am working on a specific task and right now I can use a little help.

I have a list of revit part elements. Some of them are almost duplicates - their geometry coincides almost on 100%, their are only some minor differences that make them unique. I want to filter out from that list all the elements with intersecting geometry that have more than 98% coincidence with other elements from that list. How can I do that?


I want to reformulate my question:

Is it possible to identify all members within a list that are approximately equal to other members of the same list?

One way to begin would be to first outline the parameters that would help determine their similarity

Volume?, Area?, Length?, Height?, Volume and Area?, Volume, Area and Height? …


I think the parameters should be volume and bounding box points.

Bounding box (as it works today) may not be a good idea as the bounding box of the same geometry with different orientations will be different.

A simple example …