Filtering for dummy values?

Hi All,

I am trying to make a script that will collect all sheets in the model, query if those sheets have generic annotation on the sheet, but NOT in a view on the sheet, get a value from that annotation, and push it to a shared parameter on the titleblock.

Where my issue lies is there are multiple named elements to look for, but not all sheets have an element.

My Idea was to filter for anything that does not have one of these, force a dummy value onto it for error trapping, and then remove said value when its time to push the value to the shared parameter.

So far, I am hitting a wall trying to come up with a way to do this. . . Does anyone have any ideas?

Here is a screen grab of the graph:

I know its a little chaotic, I have been trying several things.
I looked in here for solutions and tried things like ScopeIf nodes and none of these things were getting me where I wanted.

I don’t understand where the views are coming in. You specifically said you’re looking for the annotations on the sheet but then you filter those results against the views.

It seems like you would just get the annotation elements on the sheet and the respective titleblock. You can replace empty lists (no annotations) with a blank string before writing to the TB parameter.

It might be easier to understand if you post an image with the node preview bubbles turned on so we can follow the data flow. An image of your expected outcome is often helpful too.