Filtering and removing the list with no values

Hi Guys! Sorry for dump question but I’ve been trying to remove these “names” for a couple days already. Please help me!

I don’t see any Link / image

I’ve just uploaded the picture.

Use this to check if list items are integers (whole numbers)

   values = IN[0]
   OUT = list(isinstance(value, int) for value in values)

Or something like to get float and integers (whole numbers and decimal numbers).

values = IN[0]
for value in values:
	if isinstance(value, int) or isinstance(value, float):
OUT = a



It shows empty list.

Are you removing text or just a sublist that only contains text?

You could try something like this to remove sublists that don’t contain additional values.

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Thank you guys for an instant help!
Thank you Nick! It works!